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Why You Should Let Organic Innovation Drive Company Profits

Jul 23, 2014 1:00:22 PM

Creative Paint and Lightbulb

Every company begins with an idea. Good ideas, when executed properly, make money. These ideas come from people - everyday people just like you. So, why not develop “your secret supply of innovation�??

Initiate productive questioning within the company - Encourage employees to think “What if�? during designated brainstorming sessions.

Allow employees to dream - Have your team anonymously submit “dream goals�? they would like to see accomplished in the quarter.

Think scale - Does the idea pass the eye test? Does it mesh with your growth strategy? Can that idea be interwoven into the growth culture efficiently?

Turn dream to reality - If the above answer is a yes, then let it take off. Allow a team member undertake the idea as their personal innovation project. This is part of the larger trend to allow the team to run with their ideas. Reward their initiative by giving the individuals ownership of their own risks and innovations.

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