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Your Business Involves More Than Just Your Strategy

Jul 9, 2014 1:28:36 PM

Business Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but even the most important meal can be diminished if it consistently involves McGriddles and hash browns (no matter how delicious they may be). Just like breakfast, any business can be stifled when emphasizing just one particular portion. As of late, many businesses have moved towards the philosophy that great culture and teamwork will overpower a strategy-centric business. But, just as pancakes need syrup, culture needs strategy. When the two walk hand-in-hand, companies have a better chance at conquering the day, and more importantly, the market.

Roundpegg’s COO @brentdaily says:

"The wrong-headed thinking of the strategy crowd assumes that simply by having a great playbook they can dominate. It fails to recognize that everyone on the field needs to know which play is being run, what position they play and who they have to protect if the play breaks down."

Daily has also targeted the three most crucial reasons for balancing culture and strategy: corralling varying approaches, controlling politics, and course correction. In order to deal with these three factors, a glaring need to have a sound culture and strategy exists.

Instead of dealing with McGriddle-induced heartburn every morning, consider the ways in which your company can improve its balance of culture and strategy. Leave us with some of your thoughts below!

For more on this topic, check out his original blog post Culture and Strategy Eat Breakfast Together.

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