Content Strategy Insights

All extraordinary content planning starts with a rock solid foundation.




Set yourself apart

Our technology-enabled services team (think legendary tech + brilliant minds) can work with you to deliver marketing insights and strategies for messaging, segmentation, personas, internal and external alignment, and content planning.


The method behind the marketing madness

When it comes to understanding customer-driven decisions, we wrote the book. Literally.

The Vennli methodology is centered around a proven 3-circle competitive-strategy model invented by co-founder and University of Notre Dame professor, Joe Urbany. Each circle in the model takes into consideration your company's offering, your competitor's offering, and your customers' needs to reveals opportunities to grow your competitive advantage.

Put simply, we gather real-time insights about what’s most important to customers and why they choose you vs. your competition. Then, we transform that data so you can visualize it in an intuitive way that quickly leads to content aligned with customer needs.



Competitive Positioning


Reveal opportunities to beat the competition

Visualize your competitive landscape from your customers’ point of view so you can set your brand apart.





Identify your most profitable customers

Drive growth by segmenting your audience and finding the most effective ways to reach them.




Effectively communicate value

Communicate more effectively by crafting messages that highlight your competitive advantages by understanding how your customers make decisions.



Persona Communication Plans


Tailor content specifically for your personas

Utilize data-based insights to tailor marketing for personas across the entire buyer’s journey. From content type, messaging, and calls to action to competitive distinction, conversion points, and promotional channels you’ll know how to communicate with every persona the right way.


Product and Services Development 


Differentiate your products and services

Understand what features and benefits your customers value most, capture unique points of difference, and discover emerging unmet needs in the market.

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