Meaningfully Differentiate Your Institution

Increase prospective student interest in your institution by determining ideal messaging to attract right-fit prospective students.





Optimize Brand Positioning and Differentiate Your Institution From Peer Institutions.



Increase Inquiries Through Meaningful Differentiation and Pricing Strategies

Empower your institution with essential student-perspective insights to drive increased interest and popularity.

Through quick, custom research and compelling student-perspective insights, our team of experts analyze how different prospective student segments view your institution and peer institutions in order to determine how best to meaningfully differentiate your program from peer institutions on the most important student choice factors. 

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Proven Methodology


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about your brand positioning.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from current and prospective students.


Vennli analyzes the student survey data and delivers the insights needed to inform your brand positioning strategy.


Class size and profile are elevated with a strategy backed by real-time student-informed data.

Download the Free Higher Education Case Study: University of Notre Dame's MSA Program

Read about how Vennli's solutions helped The University of Notre Dame's Master of Science in Accountancy determine the ideal audience and messaging for the MSA program.




Improve Your Brand Equity with Student-Driven Insights

Learn how Vennli helped one university identify and better communicate its differentiating factors to prospective students.



Student-Perspective Insights

Vennli identifies how current and potential students view your institution in comparison to competitors in terms of student choice factors. From these surveys, Vennli determines the most promising messaging themes to differentiate your institution from other schools to accelerate interest and applications.



"With Vennli's choice data, we improved our marketing messaging against the competition by segmenting our applicant poplulation and focusing on what matters most to each segment's decisions. It's been extremely effective in helping to increase qualified new student enrollment."

-VP of Marketing

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