Program Pricing Strategies

Agile student-perspective market research to effectively price your institution's academic programs for success.




Launch competitive in-demand programs with optimal program pricing to attract right-fit students.



Real-Time Student-Perspective Insights

Our solutions help you understand the students' view of the economic value of your program versus peer institution programs.

After conducting a thorough analysis of similar programs at peer and aspirational institutions, we employ qualitative and quantitative analysis necessary to align your program’s pricing to market and prospective student value drivers. 


To help answer your essential pricing questions, our team of experts will: 

  • Consult with you on your program. 
  • Create a survey that gauges prospective student program pricing perceptions. 
  • Conduct survey with a robust number of prospective students and current students
  • Collect survey results and run proprietary research modeling. 
  • Quickly share exclusive, agile survey results and insights that are immediately actionable. 

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Proven Methodology


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about optimally pricing your program.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from current and prospective students.


Vennli analyzes the student survey data and delivers the insights needed to inform your program pricing strategy.


Class size and profile are elevated with a program pricing strategy backed by student-choice data.

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Student-Perspective Insights

At Vennli, we leverage best-practice market research techniques to identify optimal program pricing and draw prospective students to your institution. We transform your prospective students’ voice into a growth winning strategy. 



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