Improve Student Experience 

Capture the voice of your students to assess and understand key drivers of student satisfaction.


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Use firsthand insights to increase student satisfaction, reduce student dropout rates, and strengthen graduate career outlooks.



Capture the Voice of Your Students

Through surveys with current and prospective students, Vennli analyzes how different student segments view your institution compared to your competition. We provide the quick insights you need to grow interest and improve satisfaction using the most important student choice factors that differentiate you from peer institutions.


Proven Methodology


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about optimizing student experience.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from current and prospective students.


Vennli analyzes the student survey data and delivers the insights needed to inform your student experience optimization strategy.


Student satisfaction and experience are elevated with a program backed by real-time student-choice data.


5 Easy Tips for Using Student Research to Improve Your Content Strategy

Learn how to simply and effectively gather insights to inform a content strategy that better resonates with your current and prospective students.





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Learn more about how Vennli’s solutions helped Holy Cross College increase student engagement and attrition rates through analyzing and providing insights into current and prospective student perspectives.




How to Create a More Positive Campus Climate

Is your institution really living up to your ideals and values? Get the insights now to make the adjustments you need to increase retention and enrollment rates.


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