Human Resources

Build Your Brand

Inspire your employees to be evangelists for your organization and your brand

Retain Top Performers

Develop meaningful ways to retain high-performing employees 

Grow Company Culture

Assess the effectiveness of company programs and cultural differentiators

Improve Talent ROI

Understand how to address departments with high turnover rates and improve talent ROI


Win With Your Employees

Learn how to have a competitive strategy in place to attract and retain top talent.




Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath was seeing its Senior Staff leave at higher than average rates for the firm. They wanted to grow retention rates and engagement among Senior Staff by understanding: where they were going, how effective were current programs, what other programs could be adopted from other industries or competitors, and how they could coach managers of Senior Staff to deliver messages that would help retain them.

With thousands of employees with different perspectives, Crowe Horwath was able to use the Vennli platform to understand the specific details to work on retention hot spots. As a result, they understood that compensation and work-life balance were weak spots. Additionally, it validated a major mobility initiative that had recently been institued as a key success in capitalizing on what would have been an unmet need if surveyed 10 months prior.


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