Go-to-Market Messaging

Differentiate your product in the competitive landscape and pinpoint key messaging themes that best resonate with your target audience.




Vennli’s agile market research empowers your business to make growth-driving decisions by delivering fast and actionable customer insights to improve your firm’s Go-to-Market Messaging.



Go-to-Market Messaging Optimization

The Right Message at the Right Time

Go-to-Market Messaging involves determining the messaging themes that will most strongly resonate with prospective clients. Vennli helps manufacturing companies with Go-to-Market Messaging through insights into how your company and products are viewed by customers and prospective customers in the competitive landscape. Vennli's real-time research informs which messaging themes are most important and meaningful to the customer experience.

Through surveys with current and prospective customers, Vennli analyzes how customers view the messages and messaging themes used in advertising for your company and competitive companies in order to determine which themes are most promising. These agile, data-driven insights can inform Go-to-Market Messaging strategies and Brand Differentiation.

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Proven Methodology


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about your Go-to-Market Messaging strategy.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from current and prospective customers.


Vennli analyzes the customer survey data and delivers the insights needed to inform your optimal Go-to-Market Messaging.


Go-to-Market Messaging is elevated with a strategy backed by real-time customer-informed data.

How important is sustainability to your customers?

Short answer – pretty important!  Sustainability is no longer the buzzword it once was at the turn of the century – it’s now a ‘must-have’ instead of a ‘nice-to-have’ when it comes to consumer purchasing behaviors and if your company isn’t committed to reducing their environmental footprint, you might find yourself falling behind the competition.


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Addressing manufacturing sales challenges is a complex and ongoing task. While the drivers of these challenges vary, there are multiple paths to tackle them. More importantly, by understanding the drivers, sales teams can effectively prioritize where an organization should start to be the most successful.




Steel Producer

With billions in annual revenue and over 20k employees, Vennli’s steel producer client is among the largest in North America. Despite their evident success across multiple industries, they had a small footprint specifically in the automotive industry. Accordingly, as their steel production capacity increased and their technology improved, the auto industry became a natural target market for growth.

The steel supplier’s growth in the automotive industry required significant investment, but in order to successfully break into this new market they needed to know where that investment would be best placed. They partnered with Vennli to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ current and future needs.




Customer-Focused Insights

Vennli identifies how customers and potential customers view your company’s messaging. Through agile, insightful surveys of the target audience, Vennli helps companies understand how customers view the competitive landscape and which themes are most important to customers along their buyer journeys.



Vennli answers the "Now what?" question that often comes with customer data. Its insights tell you exactly what you need to do to grow.
Bill Fitzpatrick
President Fitzpatrick Management Resources
Success is related to the clear plan and the help from Vennli. The value of Vennli to me is that we see the world through our customer's eyes. It also gives us a common language for planning our decisions. We see using Vennli in a focused way to help us grow our targeted markets.
VP and General Manager, Commercial
Vennli allowed us to see what we offer versus what competitors offer, which was one of the most important insights. The results were visualized in an intuitive way and allowed us to easily dig into different customer segments.
Marta Sweezo
Vice President of Marketing

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