Product Development

Successfully launch new products that are meaningfully different from the competitors’ offerings.




Vennli’s agile market research empowers your business to make growth-driving decisions by delivering fast and actionable customer insights to improve your firm’s product development.



Optimize Product Development

Launch New Products with Confidence

Vennli provides fast and informed answers to pressing questions that can be used to quickly determine the pricing for your new product and  the messaging content that will draw in prospective customers who would be willing to purchase your product.

Through surveys with current and prospective customers, your Vennli team will complete an analysis of how different audiences view your new product and its monetary value, and the major competitors of the product to determine what audience is best to target and what key aspects of your product set it apart from others in a meaningful way.  These key, data-driven insights can inform your marketing strategy to successfully launch new products.

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Proven Methodology


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about your product development strategy.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from current and prospective customers.


Vennli analyzes the customer survey data and delivers the insights needed to inform your product development strategy.


Product development is optimized with a strategy backed by real-time customer-informed data.

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Addressing manufacturing sales challenges is a complex and ongoing task. While the drivers of these challenges vary, there are multiple paths to tackle them. More importantly, by understanding the drivers, sales teams can effectively prioritize where an organization should start to be the most successful.




Steel Producer

With billions in annual revenue and over 20k employees, Vennli’s steel producer client is among the largest in North America. Despite their evident success across multiple industries, they had a small footprint specifically in the automotive industry. Accordingly, as their steel production capacity increased and their technology improved, the auto industry became a natural target market for growth.

The steel supplier’s growth in the automotive industry required significant investment, but in order to successfully break into this new market they needed to know where that investment would be best placed. They partnered with Vennli to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ current and future needs.



Customer-Focused Insights

Complete analysis of how current and potential customers view your new product and competitive products to help determine what price point customer would be willing to pay for the product as well as why a prospective customer should purchase the product.



Success is related to the clear plan and the help from Vennli. The value of Vennli to me is that we see the world through our customer's eyes. It also gives us a common language for planning our decisions. We see using Vennli in a focused way to help us grow into our targeted markets.
VP and General Manager, Commercial
The Vennli platform has proven to be a valuable tool for our entire team. We've been able to quickly gather insights from the market and replace assumptions about customers with actual perspectives from customers. It's helped us really focus our planning for product innovation and for selling/positioning with prospects and customers.
Matt Mulherin
VP Sales & Marketing, Heraeus Kulzer
Vennli offers a unique method of showing a business how it is doing and what it could be doing to improve and enhance its performance. Using software along with market research, they put together information about the customers' needs as well as the customers' perceptions of the company and competition. Using new analysis and a simple interface with cloud-based services, any business could take advantage of this to grow.
Paul Feuerstein
DMD Technology Editor Dentistry Today

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