Marketing Agencies

Unlock client growth with the right research.

Pitch to win.

Vennli delivers quick, custom research and compelling market insights that help agencies differentiate from competitors and win more pitches.

The Method Behind the Marketing Madness


What makes a great strategy even better?

Primary data from first-hand sources to back it up. 

Vennli is all about understanding customer choice. More specifically, we strive to understand what customers want, who is delivering in the market, and customers’ unmet needs. We’ve streamlined the primary market research process to quickly provide you with insights that will enable you to know your prospective client better than they know themselves - and show them that your proposed strategy is a winning strategy.

How It Works


Vennli designs custom research to address the key questions you have about your strategy.


Vennli collects fresh data directly from the target audience.


Vennli analyzes that data and delivers the insights needed to inform your strategy.


You win your pitch with a strategy backed by data.



5 Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch

Learn how agency professionals and in-house marketers perceive the pitch process and use those learnings to drive better, faster and more insightful pitches.





Premier Razor Brand

A premier razor brand was primarily selling their products through wholesale channels. They wanted to push direct-to-consumer sales but needed to deliver a brand & product portfolio strategy they could use to enter the US consumer market.

The agency designing the brand and product strategy partnered with Vennli, who used their market research expertise and technology to identify clear differentiation points among the razor blade company’s competitors at the brand and product level. These insights powered a campaign that led to a successful entry into the US market.



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