Vennli accelerates speed to insights with new customer segmentation and data visualization features

How it Works

Vennli is the platform for visualizing how customers make choices so that you can make quick, precise decisions about marketing, product development, and sales. We help businesses conduct competitive analyses by displaying customer choice research in an interactive Venn diagram to see how they stack up against key competitors.

vLens 3.0

Our recent product release marks a significant expansion in our customer segmentation functionality, providing unprecedented views into the nuances of customers’ choice and competitive positioning. The Heat Map builds off the underlying algorithm and intuitiveness of our vLens, but allows you to:

  • view side-by-side comparisons of customer segments, competitors, and cohorts
  • monitor progress over time
  • gauge internal alignment to customer needs

Heat Map

This level of analysis helps companies identify trends and adjust their products or messaging with more precision to specific demographics.

When creating the customer survey, users can choose from a list of 17 standard segmentation questions or create their own. They can create customized segments by combining this customer information to create favorited groups that illustrate their unique audience.

Additional user experience improvements include quick access to detailed views of customer segment demographics, choice factor filtering, and trending of market changes over time.

These new features are available to all of Vennli’s clients. For more information, visit

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