Vennli is…

A content intelligence, customer choice visualization, & analytics platform.

We gather real-time insights about what’s most important to customers and why they choose you vs. your competition. Then we visualize data in an intuitive way that quickly leads to content aligned with customer needs.

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Reveal intelligent opportunities to beat the competition

Visualize your competitive landscape from your customers’ point-of-view on the vLens. It’s simple yet powerful. Intuitive reporting gives unprecedented visibility into the drivers of customer choice so that you can prioritize what matters most.

  • Easy side-by-side cohort and segmentation analysis on the Heat Map reveals meaningful differences amongst segments of customers and across competitors
  • Compare your internal team’s perceptions to customer feedback to improve alignment
  • Continuously collect data to assess how you’re moving the needle and how the market is changing

Win the customers’ choice

Businesses thrive and grow by winning their customers’ choice. We start by breaking down large goals into what we call “growth cases” that are focused on a customer choice. Then we capture ongoing, real-time customer insights and visualize your market so that you can make confident decisions.

Writing valid surveys and reaching the right customers can be complicated, but our built-in survey platform makes it simple. Start gathering customer feedback in a matter of hours.

Take actions aligned with customer needs

Each area of the vLens reveals opportunities to grow your competitive advantage.

vLens Zones

Act quickly to capitalize on opportunities before your competition does. You’ll know exactly how to neutralize your competitor’s advantage while differentiating yourself in the eyes of your customers.

We don’t just make software, we get involved

When it comes to making customer-driven decisions, we wrote the book (literally) and built the software.

We’re passionate about ensuring our customers succeed. Our Customer Success team will guide you along the way as much as you need. From kick-off to communicating the findings across your organization, we make it easy.


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