Public Sector

Vennli provides tailored, innovative solutions spanning core operational insights and command and control (C2) solutions for warfighter operational challenges.



Agile Insights

Fast, actionable market research to inform decision-making.


Operational approaches for faster cognition and improved processes.

Voice of the Customer

Understanding how best to improve delivery of services across demographics.

Focused Recruitment

Assisting leadership to make an efficient use of talent and resources.


Operational Scheduling Solution



Vennli developed REGULUS, a tailored scheduling solution that incorporates data science-enhanced decision support in order to efficiently plan and execute operational schedules while coordinating across staff functions and partner agencies.

With REGULUS, units can reduce the manpower burden, consolidate the existing array of scheduling tools and communication mediums, and mitigate operational risk across the enterprise.  The software integrates core unit processes, automates routine activities, and ingests a broad array of variables (e.g., crew work shifts, multi-party exercises, training events, etc.) to create efficient, flexible schedules that are optimized to match available resources to operational requirements.  

REGULUS targets organizations with an operational mission that requires a consolidated software system to efficiently plan and execute schedules, matching unit resources (e.g., personnel, equipment, facilities, etc.) to requirements (e.g., events, exercises, training, etc.). 


Agile Insights and Intelligent Product Solutions across the Federal Space



Vennli brings our core competency of Agile Insights across market research, data analytics, and customer voice to diverse government organizations that require quick, actionable guidance for successful program decisions.



Additionally, Vennli offers full-stack, tailored product development and innovative solutioning, enhanced by industry-leading data science, to resolve key organizational and operational challenges. We illuminate warfighter decision space and modernize operational scheduling approaches for faster cognition, better decisions, improved processes, and efficient use of talent & resources. 


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