Senior Technology Lead

(Full Stack Engineer - Full Time/Part Time/Flexible)



The Position. Vennli is seeking a Senior Technology Lead to shepherd our Development Team who is passionate about building software products that clients love using to fulfill their missions. As Vennli’s Senior Technology Leader, this position is responsible for managing daily production across a team of engineers and specialists; coordinating directly with the client(s) as the key Product Owner; managing project timelines, deliverables, and administration; and structuring the existing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for operational use, enterprise scaled productization, and commercial application.

This position also requires active coding as a Full Stack Engineer with a backend expertise. This position is responsible for building high-quality data pipelines, backend systems, and APIs that turn large quantities of data into valuable system components. Additionally, this position helps design and configure cloud-based services that support all tiers of our products, including frontend components and integrated applications. Finally, this position collaborates across the team to integrate valuable data science capabilities into our industry-differentiating solution.

This role requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills and offers tremendous flexibility and growth potential for the aspiring team leader/engineer. The individual must enjoy wearing many hats in a SaaS environment and implementing new technologies while accurately assessing the impact of changes to the overall solution. The selected candidate will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment helping to design, develop, and execute products that deliver high- quality outcomes for Vennli customers.

The Team. The Tech Lead work closely with the CEO and CFO under a positive, low- management overhead that encourages initiative and takes pride in ownership for our product and client commitments. The Engineer will join a cross-functional, distributed DevTeam, working alongside fellow Engineers and sourced specialistse.g., a Product Designer and a Data Scientist. He/she will set up and manage the DevSecOps cloud-services environment and must have a solid systems background, experience designing and building open, distributed systems, and familiarity building APIs. The individual should love to tinker and enjoy mentoring teammates.

The Company. Vennli is a mature Market Analytics firm based in South Bend, IN focused on extracting agile business insights for mid to large-cap clients. Specific to our Public Sector Division, Vennli offers customer-tailored, sophisticated AI/ML-enhanced software solutions to complex, client challenges across the Department of Defense, to include the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, etc. We believe that our unique approach and technology- backing offer corporate and public sectors highly sought-after, agile insights and capabilities to meet modern business and governance challenges.

Position Responsibilities

  • Lead daily production of Vennli’s DevTeam utilizing industry-standard management tools.
  • Manage the DevTeam human resources, fostering a creative, empowered environment.
  • Interact regularly with clients as Product Owner, translating vision and requirements into highly functional, tailored, sustainable products with a uniquely pleasing User Experience.
  • Foster Vennli’s Technology and Product Philosophy to support client needs and missions.
  • Manage daily project activities, to include forecasting project timelines; fulfilling contractual obligations; preparing reports & demonstrations; and posturing for subsequent phases.
  • Design a Company Analytics strategy enabling insightful, informed product decisions.
  • Posture and scale the system for enterprise productization and commercial applications within an infrastructure budget and aligned to Cybersecurity policies and requirements.
  • Serve as Platform Architect in a SaaS environment, recommending and implementing new technologies while accurately assessing the impact of changes to the overall solution.
  • Architect, build, and maintain existing high-quality data pipelines that ingest and process large quantities of structured and unstructured data from varied sources.
  • Collaborate across the DevTeam to design/build product APIs and systems.
  • Configure and work within the Federal Government constraints of a DevSecOps cloud infrastructure (AWS GovCloud) and securities to containerize application components.
  • Scale our product to use and integrate collected data across various external applications.
  • Ensure code/system is secure, testable, deployable, sustainable, reusable, and scalable.
  • Build exquisite frontend components in React/Typescript based on Product Owner guidance, refined user stories, and iterative client feedback.
  • Develops and implements frontend architecture to support user interface concepts.
  • Documents application development, changes, and updates in parallel with coding.
  • Seek and deliver feedback to facilitate good decisions for our customers and company.
  • Build AI applications and collaborate with data scientists and data engineers–you may consider yourself a data engineer.

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • At least 3 years as a Platform Architect in a SaaS environment.
  • At least 5 years as a Full Stack Engineer building and operating industry SaaS products.
  • B.S. in computer science, related technical discipline, or has equivalent experience.
  • Possesses expert-level proficiency in Python backend language.
  • Possesses proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React languages and familiarity with prototyping tools (e.g., InVision, Sketch, Figma).
  • Has advanced experience building deploying software in a cloud environment. Credible AWS GovCloud experience is required.
  • Has experience creating and managing containers (Kubernetes experience is preferred).
  • Appreciates a well-oiled DevOps including GitHub code repository management and
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
  • Strong experience with Agile software development techniques (e.g., Jira) and highly automated test environments.
  • Strong experience managing code versioning tools, such as GIT.
  • Has experience designing, constructing, and securing APIs and integrating disparate data sources through appropriate methodologies (e.g., RESTful APIs).
  • Possesses experience constructing and utilizing a backend Django framework.
  • Experience with large data sets using a combination of non-traditional and traditional data technologies (e.g., Graph Databases like Neo4j and SQL Server).
  • Translates product requirements into engineering tasks with valid estimations.
  • Demonstrates a sustained track record of delivering high-quality products. Has experience assessing application performance and fine-tuning performance.
  • Demonstrates mature interpersonal and collaboration skills enabling team cohesion and has excellent technical and non-technical written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to support U.S. Federal contracts requiring U.S. Citizenship.