Optimize your unit's schedule with REGULUS,
the first AI-Driven Scheduling Optimization software
built for schedulers, by schedulers.
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Improve the quality of life of unit personnel
by bring intelligence, speed, and stability
to operational scheduling.
The challenge

Human-Driven Schedule Creation

THE REQUIREMENT: The DoD, federal agencies, and commercial enterprises require efficient planning and execution to support vital national defense missions, which demands intelligent business systems that help build executable plans faster with greater accuracy and flexibility.

THE CHALLENGE: Existing systems are often labor-intensive, inflexible, and risk-laden and require human analysis, computation, and intervention to address C2 coverage gaps and resolve emergent conflicts.

THE IMPLICATION: These systems carry
significant operational risks, costly manpower burdens, and excess staff coordination–driving frequent unit training cancellations and negatively
impacting personnel’s quality of life.

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REGULUS: AI-Driven Schedule Optimization

Vennli created REGULUS, a tailored scheduling solution that incorporates data science-enhanced decision support to efficiently plan and execute operational schedules while coordinating staff functions.

REGULUS reduces manpower burden,
improves planning speed and responsiveness, enhances operational efficiency, and improves personnel quality of life using one system for improved predictability, transparency, and scheduling stability.

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The difference

What makes REGULUS Different?

  • Customized to each customer’s environment
  • Incorporates the benefits of data science
  • Steamlines Diverse toolsets
  • Improves workflow processes across the unit/organization
  • Provides real-time awareness and collaboration across an orgainzation
  • Facilitates rapid understanding of the options available for dynamic situations and identified risk areas
Smart Scheduling is Here
“Recent advances in technology and declining costs have made end-to-end, AI-driven schedule optimization
a real possibility - and an opportunity.”

McKinsey & Company, 2022
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